What is The Learning Manager?®

The Learning Manager® (TLM) provides tools for development, delivery, reporting, and management of training and learning materials. It uses a central object repository to facilitate the creation, storage, and reuse of learning content. Based on a modular approach, TLM allows clients to expand and tailor functionality based on their current and changing needs. The Learning Manager® users can build the application that matches their organization's requirements.

What are the advantages of The Learning Manager® (TLM) for our organization?

Potentially significant cost savings through:

  • Reduced administrative and tracking costs
  • Reduced need for learners to attend classes during work hours thereby less productivity downtime
  • Reduced copying and paper costs due to online delivery of learning materials
  • Reduced facilities overhead due to less need for classroom space
  • Reduced travel expenses due to less need to travel to training locations

Better resource and personnel utilization through:

  • Training staff devoting more time to training resource development rather than delivery
  • Administrative staff spending more time on other important tasks rather than tracking training records and performing other task related to classroom training

Benefits of Web-based training include:

  • Leveraging existing technology resources to provide learners with 24/7 access to training materials so training can occur anywhere, anytime
  • Making more learning resources available to learners through online libraries - anywhere, anytime
  • Assuring the consistency of your message because it's delivered the same way to all learners - anywhere, anytime
  • Delivering more training to more learners with less money and resource commitment - anywhere, anytime

Other Benefits of the original Learning Management System®:

  • Provides a full competency based training solution; track skills, competencies, and non-training-related data
  • Understand your target audience by performing online surveys of classroom attendees' learning levels prior to class date
  • Free video teleconferencing, audio conferencing, and presentation tools such as desktop sharing and whiteboard with the Live Action module
  • The Report Writer allows TLM clients to customize reports featuring stored TLM data on demand
  • Anything that can shown in an Internet browser can be shown in The Learning Manager®
  • A full hosting solution for your Learning Management System® installation that insures that your TLM application is accessible worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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